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Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Replacement

MIS Knee Joint Replacement

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Over the past 25 years, minimally invasive surgery has revolutionized many fields of medicine. Its key characteristic is the use of specialized techniques and instrumentation that enable the physician to perform major surgery without a large incision. In this respect, MIS Knee Joint Replacement is indeed “minimally invasive,” requiring only a small incision and potentially causing less trauma to the soft tissues.

MIS Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
Unlike conventional TKR, which requires a large incision (8 to 12 inches) and significant disruption of the muscles and tendons, MIS Knee Joint Replacement is performed through a 3 to 4 inch incision. The amount of soft tissue (muscles and tendons, etc.) that is disrupted during surgery may also be reduced compared to conventional techniques.

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